Landscape Lighting Ideas That Are Worth Trying

Before investing in landscape lighting, ask yourself why you want to illuminate your yard.

You probably want a romantic and relaxing mood outside in the evening. Another reason could be you have a dark garden corner you want to light up for security.

Whatever the reason could be, here are some landscape lighting ideas to check out to highlight the features of your yard:

Uplighting and Downlighting Trees

Uplighting means a light fixture is positioned in the ground around a tree. Hence, it glows and highlights its trunk and canopy. This is a beautiful landscape lighting idea to show your tree at night. The shadow effect can also add attraction to your yard in the evening. Therefore, this effect can make your landscape lighting more dramatic and bolder.

Downlighting a tree can be your other option. This technique means adding light fixtures under a canopy of the tree so they shine down. Another term for this is moonlighting. When you can do this correctly, your yard will look more romantic and truly stunning.

Going for Soft Lighting

The deer-in-a-headlights effect is the biggest mistake when installing lights on a driveway. What happens is when someone pulls into their driveway, a spotlight is directly shining in their face. It makes it harder to see where one is going because the light is blinding. As a result, the lighting is not beneficial.

If you have a long driveway, you have to avoid making it look like an airport runway. Therefore, you have to avoid installing too many lights if you are trying to do landscape lighting. If this happens, a landing strip as a driveway is not going to be attractive.

The key to doing landscape lighting in your driveway is to keep the lighting subtle and strategically install them. It also helps to get advice from a professional who understands the concept. Before purchasing outdoor lights, call an expert first to get the look you aim for.

Go for a Resort Feel in Your Pool

For landscape lighting in your pool patio, it is good that there are no obstructions in the area. You should not place the lights in places where there is a possibility that someone can trip.

Similar to what was mentioned about landscape lighting on driveways, your lights should not shine directly on people’s faces, affecting the outdoor experience. To get a resort feel in your pool area, get LED pool lights that are attractive and subtle.

There are also many ways to highlight the features of your pool. If you have a waterfall or other water feature in your pool or nearby, you can take it to a whole new level by adding lights. Install some colored lights to give your water features a different and unique look.

Using Under Cap Lighting for Wall Landscape Lighting

Suppose you have sitting walls included in your landscape. In that case, you can use under-cap lighting to maximize the beauty of the material of the wall.

Aside from distributing light in a wide area, it also gives the space a warm glow. It does not matter if it is a paver or natural stone because your walls will have a fresh new feel at night. Get under cap lighting and see the difference yourself.

Wall Washing Using Lights

You can use a soft spotlight to wash your wall with light and make it aesthetically pleasing. It accentuates the material you have used as a border wall or the wall of your house. Purchase some soft lights so that you can uplift the beautiful stonework of your home.

Lighting Up the Steps

For the steps, you can decorate them with built-in lights since they are functional and aesthetic. Therefore, they can help you navigate more safely. The spotlights should be placed strategically. Check out some spotlights and path lights to see what works best for your steps.

Summing it up

You should now have a few popular ideas on how to start your landscape lighting. Even though you can do it yourself, there is a difference when you do landscape lighting to just installing a few spotlights in your yard.

Need more help with your outdoor landscape lighting? Our team of professionals are here to help. Not only do we have the right eye for the most popular look and feel, we can also ensure you pick the right products. Give us a call to help with lighting up your dream yard.

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March 16, 2021